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Industrial Vibrator
Our diverse range of industrial vibrators is designed to provide unparalleled efficiency and reliability for material handling applications. They are used in various industries, such as mining, construction, and agriculture. They ensure optimal flow, compaction, and screening with electricity or pneumatic pressure options.
Vibratory Feeders
Our precision-engineered vibratory feeders are ideal to convey, orient, and feed bulk materials in a controlled and efficient manner. They ensure a constant flow rate of goods in pharmaceuticals, food processing, packaging, and other sectors. They also ensure to prevent clogging or bridging to ensure high versatility and reliability.
Vibration Testing Equipments
These vibration testing equipments are sure to assess the products and components. They measure different factors, such as their ability to withstand various vibration levels during transportation and usage. They evaluate the durability, reliability, and integrity of the goods in the aerospace, automotive, and electronics sectors.
Vibratory Equipments
Our durable and reliable vibratory equipment is designed to manipulate materials through vibration. They facilitate processes of sorting, compacting, feeding, screening, etc. in varied sectors such as mining, food processing, manufacturing, etc. With high efficiency and reliability, they ensure consistent material handling and processing.
Loose stone detector
These loose stone detectors are specialized devices used in the mining and construction sectors for locating loose or dislodged stones. They are designed with modern sensors and monitoring mechanisms to detect irregularities in material flow caused by loose stones. They help maintain operational efficiency, product quality, and safety standards in the different sectors.
Volumetric Feeders
Volumetric feeders are precision instruments widely used in food processing, pharma, plastics, and other manufacturing sectors. They are designed with advanced augers, belts, or vibratory trays for dispensing materials accurately according to their volume. They ensure efficient production processes with their ability to do precise ingredient dosing and product quality control.
Vibrating Table
Our sturdy vibrating tables are mechanical devices ideal for compacting, settling, or leveling materials. They are designed with a flat surface mounted on a vibrating platform to produce controlled vibrations. They are used in concrete casting to remove air bubbles and attain high uniformity in the domain of material handling.

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